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For those who like to know how to make a website, I have outlined the following for you as a quick guide for building a website.

How to build a website - Basic requirements

1) You will need a domain name

The domain name is simply the web address of your web site. For example, ,etc... is a domain name.

There are different types of domain extensions such as .com , .net , .org, .info etc.... I recommend to register .com domain name as much as possible as .com is what people are most familiar with.

For example, is always better than or

Domain names are relatively cheap and around $7 per year and you can register domain names here.

Are you looking for a FREE domain name like I will advise not to have such extension because it is not proper domain name and it is just a subdomain of .

It is also long and people will not remember it properly.

You may want to read about my free domain name experience.

2) Choose Between Web Hosting Sites

You will definitely need a web hosting to build your website. Simply no web hosting, no website. Web hosting provider will store your files or webpages and whenever a visitor visit your website, it will provide him or her with your webpages.

Web hosting packages are usually paid either yearly (much cheaper) or monthly.

Read more to learn the importance of choosing the right webhosting provider.

3) Don't spend too much time wondering how to build a website. Just Start Building a website

Easiest way to build a website is to use website building tools of which some are free and some are not free. There are web hosting providers which provide free website builder e.g. hostmonster web hosting provide free site builder.

Of the other website builders for which you have to pay, Dreamweaver is the one I have been using.

Some do not want to use any website building materials and they learn how to code Html from scratch. They use a text editor such as Notepad and they create websites by coding with Html.

4) Building a weblog or blog site

It is easy to create a weblog or blog which is abbreviation of weblog. The script I will recommend to build a blog is Wordpress . Some web hosting providers have automatic installation service called Fantastico with its help you could create blogs or forums within seconds.

5) Creating forums

Again, with the help of Fantastico which is auto-installation script, you could easily create forums within seconds. But if you like to go for more advance paid forums, I suggest vbulletin which will help your forum looks more professional. But to start with you might try free forum scripts like smf, phpbb scripts.

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